nut-xml-2.7.4p3 – driver for monitoring UPS via XML/HTTP


This NUT driver provides support for recent Eaton / MGE models which use
a Network Management Card or Proxy (MGE XML/HTTP protocol based), e.g.

o   NMC Minislot (Ref 66102, firmware EA or newer),
o   SNMP/Web Minislot card (Ref 66244)
o   NMC Transverse (Ref 66074),
o   NMC & Modbus/JBus (Ref 66103),
o   Network Management Proxy,
o   ePDU Monitored (newer version).

Older models, such as SNMP card (Ref 66062 and Ref 66045), use the SNMP
protocol and should use snmp-ups(8) from the nut-snmp package.

WWW: http://www.networkupstools.org/

nut-cgi-2.7.4p2 nut-2.7.4p6 nut-snmp-2.7.4p2 nut-xml-2.7.4p3
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