nut-2.7.4p6 – UPS monitoring program supporting many brands


Network UPS Tools is a collection of programs which provide a common
interface for monitoring and administering Uninterruptible Power
Supply (UPS), Power Distribution Unit (PDU), and Solar Controller
Device (SCD) hardware. It uses a layered approach to connect all
of the parts.

Drivers are provided for a wide assortment of equipment. They
understand the specific language of each device and map it back to
a compatibility layer. This means both an expensive high end UPS,
a simple "power strip" PDU, or any other power device can be handled
transparently with a uniform management interface.

This information is cached by the network server upsd, which then
answers queries from the clients. upsd contains a number of access
control features to limit the abilities of the clients. Only
authorized hosts may monitor or control your hardware if you wish.
Since the notion of monitoring over the network is built into the
software, you can hang many systems off one large UPS, and they
will all shut down together. You can also use NUT to power on, off
or cycle your data center nodes, individually or globally through
PDU outlets.

WWW: http://www.networkupstools.org/

nut-cgi-2.7.4p2 nut-2.7.4p6 nut-snmp-2.7.4p2 nut-xml-2.7.4p3
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