php-5.6.38p5 – server-side HTML-embedded scripting language


PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language. It can be embedded
in HTML documents and is frequently used as a server-side language for
web development but can also be used for command-line scripts.

It is cross-platform and has various front-ends ("SAPIs") that can be
used in conjunction with many web servers.

This main package includes the most common SAPIs: cli (the stand-alone
binary which can be used for command-line scripts) and fpm (the "FastCGI
process manager" which manages a pool of separate processes that accept
web-server requests over the FastCGI protocol).

Other SAPIs are packaged separately: php-cgi ("old style" CGI binary),
php-dbg (debugger), php-apache (an Apache 2 module).

Many language extensions are available - the most common are included
directly in the main packages, but others (usually requiring additional
dependencies) are packaged separately, notably those adding database

WWW: https://www.php.net/

php-apache-5.6.38p5 php-bz2-5.6.38p5 php-cgi-5.6.38p5 php-curl-5.6.38p5 php-dba-5.6.38p5 php-dbg-5.6.38p5 php-gd-5.6.38p5 php-gmp-5.6.38p5 php-imap-5.6.38p5 php-intl-5.6.38p5 php-ldap-5.6.38p5 php-5.6.38p5 php-mcrypt-5.6.38p5 php-mssql-5.6.38p5 php-mysql-5.6.38p5 php-mysqli-5.6.38p5 php-odbc-5.6.38p5 php-pcntl-5.6.38p5 php-pdo_dblib-5.6.38p5 php-pdo_mysql-5.6.38p5 php-pdo_odbc-5.6.38p5 php-pdo_pgsql-5.6.38p5 php-pdo_sqlite-5.6.38p5 php-pgsql-5.6.38p5 php-pspell-5.6.38p5 php-shmop-5.6.38p5 php-snmp-5.6.38p5 php-soap-5.6.38p5 php-sqlite3-5.6.38p5 php-sybase_ct-5.6.38p5 php-tidy-5.6.38p5 php-xmlrpc-5.6.38p5 php-xsl-5.6.38p5 php-zip-5.6.38p5
on hppa: no __sync_bool_compare_and_swap support nor asm fallback
lang www

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