windowmaker-0.95.8p2 – window manager that emulates NEXTSTEP(tm)


Window Maker is an X11 window manager designed to give additional
integration support for GNUstep applications. It tries to emulate
the elegant look and feel of the NEXTSTEP(tm) GUI. It is relatively
fast, feature rich, and easy to configure and use.

Each user must run wmaker.inst before running Window Maker.

The i18n flavor enables locale support and installs locale files.
To select a particular locale at runtime you must set the LANG
environment variable to the locale you want.  If your language uses
multi-byte characters, such as Japanese or Korean, you must set the
MultiByteText option to YES in ~/GNUstep/Defaults/WMGLOBAL

WWW: http://windowmaker.org/

windowmaker-lang-0.95.8 windowmaker-0.95.8p2
x11 x11/windowmaker

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