qtconnectivity-5.6.2 – Bluetooth and NFC support for Qt5


Qt Connectivity aggregates support for technologies intended for
easy-to-use device connection. Currently those are Bluetooth and NFC.

Qt Bluetooth enables connectivity between Bluetooth enabled devices.
OpenBSD lacks support for Bluetooth, so Qt provides a stub instead.

Qt NFC enables connectivity between NFC enabled devices. Be warned
that Qt NFC on OpenBSD may need some additional components.

This package contains actual libraries to be used apps.

WWW: http://www.qt-project.org/

qtconnectivity-docindex-5.6.2 qtconnectivity-examples-5.6.2p0 qtconnectivity-html-5.6.2p0 qtconnectivity-5.6.2 qtconnectivity-qch-5.6.2p0
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