print-manager-4.14.3p0 – printing management for KDE


A set of tools for managing print jobs and printers. Some highlights:

  * printd: contains a kded module that checks for user print jobs
    and shows a systray icon;
  * printqueue: contains an application that show the printers queue;
  * printer-manager-kcm: configure printers in a very simple way;
  * add-printer: a wizard to add new printers;
  * plasmoid: show printers and it's jobs.

WWW: https://projects.kde.org/print-manager

Only for arches
alpha amd64 arm armv7 hppa i386 landisk loongson macppc mips64 mips64el octeon powerpc sgi sh socppc sparc64
x11 x11/kde4

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