kdelibs-4.14.10p15 – KDE core libraries


This package includes libraries that are central to the development and
execution of a KDE program, as well as internationalization files for these
libraries, misc HTML documentation, theme modules, and regression tests.
Here is an alphabetical list:

* dnssd
    Interface to the DNS-SD (Zeroconf) support.

* interfaces
    kparts interface for text editors, mediaplayer and scripting.

* kabc
    The address book library.

* kate
    KPart for 'kate', the KDE advanced text editor.

* kcert
    Personal certification manager.

* kcmshell
    KControl Module interface

* kconf_update
    Auto-Updater for config files.

* kde3support
    This contains libraries that were part of KDE3, but have been replaced
    for KDE4

* kdecore
    This is the core collection of KDE stuff. Non GUI classes reside here.

* kded
    The KDE daemon checks for newly installed software, update files
    or hostname changes and takes according actions.

* kdefx
    Library with pixmap effects.

* kdeprint
    The very versatile printing subsystem of KDE.

* kdesu
    Library for password entering and handling

* kdeui
    The main collection of misc. user interface classes (widgets).

* kdewidgets
    For developers: KDE's custom widgets for Qt Designer.

* kdoctools
    Contains mostly stuff convert XML docbook files via XSLT into
    human readable stuff.

* khtml
    The next generation HTML rendering widget designed for Konqueror.  This
    supports HTML 4, CSS, and a variety of other web related standards.

* kimgio
    An all purpose extension to the qimgio class that supports various
    image formats.

* kinit
    Process launcher (kdeinit), used for fast KDE startup and to launch

* kio
    Classes that fetch and decode URLs are contained here. This library also
    contains "ksycoca", the system configure cache containing services,
    applications, servicetypes and mimetypes.

* kioslave
    I/O subprocesses to handle files, ftp, http, gzip and bzip2 streams.

* kjs
    Implementation of ECMAScript (aka JavaScript).

* kjsembed
    A binding of the ECMAScript language to interface with KDE code.

* knewstuff
    Allows applications to easily download data from the Internet to add
    new information to the program. e.g. wallpapers, translation packs, etc.

* knotify
    Handles user notifications, including sounds, logging to files, etc.

* kparts
    KDE component model.

* kresources
    KDE Resource management framework.  Used for Address Book for example.

* kstyles
    The theme engine lies within. It handles nearly anything relating to
    customizing the appearance of widgets.

* kwallet
    Client and backend to store values in encrypted files.

* licenses
    Contains texts of all used licenses.

* mimetypes
    Database of mime types.

* pics
    Database of icons.

* sonnet
    Tools for natural language processing, including spell and grammar check.
    Includes gui widgets.

WWW: https://projects.kde.org/kdelibs

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