kubrick-4.14.3p1 – Rubik's cube simulator for KDE


Kubrick is based on the famous Rubik's Cube(TM) puzzle. In Kubrick,
the cube sizes range from 2x2x2 (easy) up to 6x6x6 (very hard), or
you can play with irregular "bricks" such as 5x3x2 and "mats" (one
cubie thick) such as 6x4x1. The game has a selection of puzzles at
several levels of difficulty, as well as some demonstrations of
pretty patterns and solution moves. It is also possible to make up
your own puzzles.

WWW: http://games.kde.org/game.php?game=kubrick

Only for arches
alpha amd64 arm armv7 hppa i386 landisk loongson macppc mips64 mips64el octeon powerpc sgi sh socppc sparc64
x11 x11/kde4

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