libgda-5.2.5p0v2 – GNOME Data Access library


GNOME Data Access (GDA) is an attempt to provide uniform access to
different kinds of data sources (databases, information servers, mail
spools, etc).  It is a complete architecture that provides all you need
to access your data.  It is defined by a set of CORBA interfaces as
generic as possible (but very powerful at the same time) so that any
kind of data source can be accessed through them.

WWW: http://www.gnome-db.org/

libgda-ldap-5.2.5p0v0 libgda-5.2.5p0v2 libgda-mysql-5.2.5p0v0 libgda-pgsql-5.2.5p0v0 libgda-ui-5.2.5p0
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