drupal-7.60 – powerful content management system


Drupal is a powerful and flexible content management system.

Some of its appealing features:
- role-based permission system. Easy to set up exactly the roles you
need that match your organisation.   Each content-type can be set up
per role (submission, approval, viewing rights).
- automated generation of tables through a view system. There's mostly
no need for static structure.
- powerful indexing capabilities through keywords organized in hierarchical
vocabularies (taxonomies).
- nice localization features. Missing translations can be supplied `on the fly'.
- url aliases for `nice site' look-ups.
- integrated downloads and uploads, so that external documents can be part
of your site.
- extensible content forms with typed fields (e.g., starting date).

- sensible security: mixed sites where the login url goes through https do
work without needing to change everything all over the place

WWW: http://drupal.org/

lang/php www www/drupal7

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