ldb-1.1.27p0 – LDAP-like embedded database


ldb is a LDAP-like embedded database. It is not at all LDAP standards
compliant, so if you want a standards compliant database then please
see the openldap package.

What ldb does is provide a fast database with an LDAP-like API
designed to be used within an application. In some ways it can be seen
as a intermediate solution between key-value pair databases and a real
LDAP database.

ldb is the database engine used in Samba4.

WWW: https://www.samba.org/

samba-docs-4.5.13 ldb-1.1.27p0 samba-4.5.13 tevent-0.9.29p1 samba-util-4.5.13
lang/python net security sysutils

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