transcode-1.1.7p13-lzo-mjpegtools – video stream processing tools


transcode is a text console video-stream processing tool. 
It supports elementary video and audio frame transformations. 
Some example modules are included to enable import of MPEG-1/2, 
Digital Video, and other formats. It also includes export 
modules for writing to AVI files with DivX, OpenDivX, XviD,
Digital Video or other codecs. Direct DVD transcoding is also 
supported. A set of tools is available to extract and decode 
the sources into raw video/audio streams for import and to 
enable post-processing of AVI files.

There are a few FLAVORS that add functionality to transcode:

    lzo: adds the ability to import and export AVI files
        that use LZO compression for video.
    mjpegtools: adds video encoding with mpeg2enc and audio
        encoding with mp2enc from the mjpegtools package.
        also adds the ability to import YUV4MPEG streams.
    altivec: uses altivec vector unit for a huge speed-up.
        Only works on powerpc platform with altivec hardware support.
        Altivec is present on all PowerPC G4 processors.
        Altivec is not present on G3 or earlier (60x) processors.

WWW: https://bitbucket.org/achurch_/transcode/

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