alpine-2.21p0 – UW e-mail client


Alpine is a screen-oriented message-handling tool.  In its default
configuration, Alpine offers an intentionally limited set of functions
geared toward the novice user, but it also has a large list of optional
"power-user" and personal-preference features.

An optional configuration file "pine.conf" can be put into ${SYSCONFDIR} to set
system wide defaults.  The format of this file is identical to the .pinerc
file that is auto-generated by Alpine in your home directory.

This package is built using the re-alpine source, the continuation of
the Alpine email client from University of Washington.

WWW: http://patches.freeiz.com/alpine/

c-client-2.21v0 imap-uw-2.21p0v0 mailutil-uw-2.21v0 alpine-2.21p0 pico-5.09 pilot-2.99p17
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