php-5.4.45p3 – server-side HTML-embedded scripting language


At the most basic level, PHP can do anything any other CGI program can
do, such as collect form data, generate dynamic page content, or send
and receive cookies.

PHP also has support for talking to other services using protocols such
as IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, POP3, or even HTTP. You can also open raw network
sockets and interact using other protocols.

This package installs a stand-alone binary which can be used for
command-line scripts, as well as an Apache module. It also contains the
pdo_sqlite driver that implements the PHP Data Objects (PDO) interface
to enable access to SQLite 3 databases.

WWW: http://www.php.net/

php-bz2-5.4.45p3 php-curl-5.4.45p3 php-dba-5.4.45p3 php-fastcgi-5.4.45p3 php-gd-5.4.45p3 php-gmp-5.4.45p3 php-imap-5.4.45p3 php-intl-5.4.45p3 php-ldap-5.4.45p3 php-5.4.45p3 php-mcrypt-5.4.45p3 php-mssql-5.4.45p3 php-mysql-5.4.45p3 php-mysqli-5.4.45p3 php-odbc-5.4.45p3 php-pcntl-5.4.45p3 php-pdo_dblib-5.4.45p3 php-pdo_mysql-5.4.45p3 php-pdo_pgsql-5.4.45p3 php-pgsql-5.4.45p3 php-pspell-5.4.45p3 php-shmop-5.4.45p3 php-snmp-5.4.45p3 php-soap-5.4.45p3 php-sybase_ct-5.4.45p3 php-tidy-5.4.45p3 php-xmlrpc-5.4.45p3 php-xsl-5.4.45p3 php-zip-5.4.45p3
on hppa: no __sync_bool_compare_and_swap support nor asm fallback
lang www

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