ocaml-cudf-0.9 – CUDF library (Ocaml resources)


libCUDF is a library to manipulate CUDF documents; libCUDF acts as the
reference implementation of the CUDF specifications.  CUDF (for Common
Upgradeability Description Format) is a format for describing upgrade
scenarios in package-based Free and Open Source Software distribution.

Using libCUDF you can parse, pretty print, and evaluate (e.g. check
dependencies or solution correctness) CUDF documents that represent
upgrade scenarios in package-based FOSS distributions. The library is
written in OCaml, but offers bindings for other programming languages
such as plain C (without any need of having OCaml at runtime).

This package contains the Ocaml modules that are the reference
implementation CUDF.

WWW: http://www.mancoosi.org/cudf/

libcudf-0.9 ocaml-cudf-0.9
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