conserver-8.2.2p1-ipmi – manage remote serial consoles via TCP/IP


This program provides a convenient way to manage many remote serial
consoles for machines.  A server (conserver(1)) runs on each server
machine and it connects to the specified serial port.  It can log,
provide shared access to remote consoles, etc.  If there are multiple
machines running conserver(1), a master conserver(1) can be run to
connect to all the slave servers, providing a single point of access
to the entire cluster.

This is very handy for remote unattended OpenBSD servers. It can
send serial break signals (if the driver supports it, cy(4) does not!)
which is useful for breaking into DDB on hung machines.


net - use network sockets rather than unix domain sockets
(as was previously the default). This is mainly useful when
the conserver server is on a separate machine to the client.

ipmi - build with internal support for IPMI serial-over-lan

WWW: https://www.conserver.com/


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