freeipmi-1.6.2 – IPMI library and tools (in- and out-of-band)


FreeIPMI provides a library and tools to access IPMI Base Management
Controllers, either in-band (host) or out-of-band (LAN etc), based on
the IPMI v1.5/2.0 specification.

In-band requires that kernel ipmi device be enabled. This is present in
standard kernels but not enabled by default, this can be modified with
"boot -c" or config(8). (This can be useful when configuring the local
BMC, e.g. using ipmi-config to adjust or disable network access or
remove vendor default usernames).

bmc-device	perform advanced BMC commands
bmc-info	read information about BMC (device ID, version, etc)
bmc-watchdog	watchdog tool/daemon (in-band only)
ipmi-chassis	manage/monitor a chassis (power, ID LED, status)
ipmi-config	configure BMC/IPMI usernames, network, security,
		power restoration policy, sensor thresholds, etc
ipmi-dcmi	perform Data Center Manageability Interface (DCMI)
		IPMI extension commands - supports extensions for
		asset management and power usage management
ipmi-fru	read field replaceable unit (FRU) information
ipmi-locate	probe for an IPMI BMC Device (in-band only)
ipmi-oem	tool for OEM specific commands
ipmi-pet	parse and interpret Platform Event Traps (PET)
ipmi-raw	hex input/output of IPMI commands
ipmi-sel	read System Event Log (SEL) records
ipmi-sensors	read sensors and sensor data repository (SDR)
ipmiconsole	connect to a Serial-over-Lan (SOL) console
ipmidetect/d	tool and daemon to detect alive IPMI nodes
ipmiping	IPMI ping tool for debugging
ipmipower	remotely control power
ipmiseld	daemon that regularly polls the SEL and stores
		the events to the local syslog
rmcpping	RMCP ping tool for debugging

WWW: https://www.gnu.org/software/freeipmi/


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