xruskb-1.15.4p4-motif – english-russian keyboard switcher for X11


   Short description of Xrus
   Xrus - program for switching two keyboard layouts with a hot
key combination. It also serves as autolock.
   It can be  compiled with Motif, Lesstif, Xaw  or without any
widget library. In  the later case it won't show  its icon with
keyboard indicator.
   It gets all keyboard and mouse events; when a particular hot
key combination  is pressed,  it swaps 1,2  and 3,4  columns of
keyboard map. When a timeout  without keyboard and mouse events
passes, it starts a locker.

   Author: Alexander V. Lukaynov 
   Ported to OpenBSD by: Oleg Safiullin 

For more details on how to use Xrus, see
/usr/X11R6/share/xruskb/xrus.doc (english) or
/usr/X11R6/share/xrus/xrus.doc-koi8 (russian)

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