wmpinboard-1.0p2 – wm-dockapp; resembling a miniature pin board


wmpinboard is a Window Maker dock applet resembling a miniature pin
board.  It's intended to somewhat relieve heavily littered desktops
by allowing you to place reminders on a graphical on-screen pin
board rather than producing a mess of real notes all around your
keyboard.  It supports arbitrary 6x10 X fonts and has XLocale
support, enabling you to enter locale-dependent special characters
if set up appropriately.  Besides text, you can add small monochrome
sketches to your notes or simply encircle or underline words as a
means of emphasis, and alarms can be set to explicitly remind you
of things.  Above all, wmpinboard is animated in redundant ways to
make it look even more attractive, and theme-ability provides for
a way of adapting its appearance to that of the rest of your desktop.

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