wminfo-1.51p2 – wm-dockapp; displays scrolling text


This Window Maker Dockapp is designed to be very general purposed.
It is capable to display any kind of information as long as it's
in text-format.  It uses plugins (or modules if you like) to retrieve
the information, any script or program that sends its output to
stdout can be used.  wminfo simply captures this information and
displays it row by row.  You can scroll the information both
vertically and horizontally so even though the window only fits 5
rows at a time you can scroll down (by clicking with the mouse in
the lower left corner) and reveal more rows.  Vertically you can
scroll a specific row by clicking it or scroll all rows by clicking
the upper right corner.

Possible uses for this application is system logging, whats-on-tv-ticker,
news headline ticker, weather info, freshmeat announcements, stock
ticker, you name it! If the plugin fetches information by http or
ftp it is obviously best if it uses common utilities like lynx or
wget for the retrieval.  There are switches in the app that (by
default) discards HTML-tags and multiple consecutive blanks so
that the parsing won't be such a pain in the *ss :).  Another useful
option is to have wminfo monitor changes in the information and
start scrolling the rows that changed.

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