tkcon-2.5p5 – enhanced Tk console


A replacement for the standard console that comes with Tk, tkcon
provides many more features than the standard console and works on all
platforms where Tcl/Tk is available.  It is meant primarily to aid one
when working with the little details inside Tcl and Tk and to give Unix
users the GUI console provided by default in the Mac and Windows Tk.

  Command history.
  Path (Unix style) / Proc / Variable name expansion.
  Multiple and tabbed consoles, each with its own state.
  Captures stdout and stderr to console window.
  Hot errors (click on error result to see stack trace).
  Electric character matching (a la emacs).
  Electric proc highlighting.
  Enhanced history searching.
  Configurable Cut / Copy / Paste between windows.
  Communication between consoles and other Tk interpreters.

WWW: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tkcon/

lang/tcl x11 x11/tk x11/tk

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