rox-filer-2.11p2 – GTK+-2 file manager with desktop features


ROX-Filer is a fast and powerful graphical file manager for
the X Window System. 

You can use it as a small and fast filer within your current desktop.
Or get it to manage your pinboard, panels and applications... 

	- Fast scanning of directories (in the background) 
	- Uncluttered display (popup menus are used throughout)
	- Background file operations
		(copy, move, link, delete, permissions, find)
	- Powerful expression-based find feature with on-line quick reference
	- Mounts and unmounts filesystems
		(just Shift-Click on the mount point)
	- Supports the XDND protocol,
		which provides for drag-and-drop file loading,
		and the new XDS extension which allows drag-and-drop saving 
	- VFS support allows browsing around inside zip files
		(and other types of archive)
	- Fully configurable from the Options dialog box
	- User-defined key bindings for all menu entries
	- A pop-up minibuffer allows navigating the filesystem using
		shell-style tab completion
	- The minibuffer can also be used for quickly entering shell commands
 	- Full printable manual provided (PostScript format)

WWW: http://rox.sourceforge.net/desktop/ROX-Filer


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