parti-0.0.6p11 – tiling window manager


Parti is a tabbing/tiling (one might say "partitioning") window manager.
Its goal is to bring this superior window management interface to
modern, mainstream desktop environments. It is written in Python and
uses GTK+.

Xpra gives you "persistent remote applications" for X. That is, unlike
normal X applications, applications run with xpra are "persistent" --
you can run them remotely, and they don't die if your connection does.
You can detach them, and reattach them later -- even from another
computer -- with no loss of state. And unlike VNC or RDP, xpra is for
remote applications, not remote desktops -- individual applications show
up as individual windows on your screen, managed by your window manager.
They're not trapped in a box.

WWW: https://github.com/njsmith/partiwm

lang/python x11

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