smokeqt-4.14.3p1 – introspective wrappers around Qt


SMOKE is a introspective wrapper around the Qt and KDE frameworks.
Legend has it that SMOKE stands for Scripting Meta Object Kompiler

Information about all classes and all methods/functions is stored
in cross-referencing tables for fast look-ups. Thereby the whole
API of a wrapped library can be used.

The main purpose of SMOKE is making it easier to write bindings
from scripting languages to Qt and KDE - with an emphasis on ease
of use and flexibility.

This package contains wrappers for Qt, and does not depend on KDE
in any way.

WWW: https://projects.kde.org/smokeqt

Only for arches
alpha amd64 arm armv7 hppa i386 landisk loongson macppc mips64 mips64el octeon powerpc sgi sh socppc sparc64
devel x11/kde4

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