gnome-color-manager-3.28.0p2 – color profile manager for GNOME


GNOME Color Manager is a session framework that makes it easy to manage,
install and generate color profiles in the GNOME desktop.

This project has the following features:

* Setting output gamma tables (with local brightness and adjustments) to
  any Xrandr output (falling back to the per-screen methods for drivers
  that do not yet support Xrandr 1.3).

* Setting of settings at session start, and when monitors are

* Easy install of vendor supplied ICC or ICM files, just by double
  clicking on the file.

* Easy display calibration using an external calibration device, and
  scanner calibration using a inexpensive IT 8.7 target.

* Integration X11 by setting the per-screen and per-output _ICC_PROFILE
  atom, which makes applications such as the GIMP use a color managed

* Easy to use DBus interface for applications to query what ICC profiles
  should be used for a specific device or device type. This is session
  activated and is only started when it is needed, and quits after a
  small period of idleness.

WWW: https://wiki.gnome.org/

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