XawMu-1.5p3 – modern look Athena widgets


The XawM Widget set is based on the widely-distributed Xaw3d widget set.
XawM makes a few changes required to give Athena the "modern"
look-and-feel. It borrows a few features from neXtaw and other widgets
sets as required to obtain a modern look and feel, although the actual
source code is entirely based on Xaw3d.

When XawM is installed, and symlinked as libXaw, most applications that
formerly used Xaw will seamlessly adopt the new look-and-feel. A few
applications which use widgets which were subclassed from Xaw widgets,
such as gv(1), will not work and need to be linked to the original Xaw
or Xaw3d library. Instructions for doing this are included in the
release notes for XawM.

This is Ed Falk's XawM (M for Modern), hacked for use with Siag Office
and adapted for autoconf and libtool. This release is called 1.5u; 1.5
because it is based on Xaw3d 1.5, and u because Ulric messed with it.

WWW: http://xawm.sourceforge.net/

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