py3-requests-mock-1.5.2 – mock out responses from py-requests


The requests library has the concept of pluggable transport adapters.
These adapters allow you to register your own handlers for different
URIs or protocols.

The requests-mock library at its core is simply a transport adapter that
can be preloaded with responses that are returned if certain URIs are
requested. This is particularly useful in unit tests where you want to
return known responses from HTTP requests without making actual calls.

As the requests library has very limited options for how to load and use
adapters requests-mock also provides a number of ways to make sure the
mock adapter is used. These are only loading mechanisms, they do not
contain any logic and can be used as a reference to load the adapter in
whatever ways works best for your project.

WWW: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/requests-mock

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