py-autobahn-17.10.1p0 – WebSocket client & server library, WAMP real-time framework


Autobahn|Python is a subproject of Autobahn and provides open-source
implementations of the WebSocket Protocol and the Web Application
Messaging Protocol (WAMP) for Python 2 and 3, and running on Twisted
and asyncio.

You can use Autobahn|Python to create clients and servers in Python
speaking just plain WebSocket or WAMP.

WebSocket allows bidirectional real-time messaging on the Web and
beyond, while WAMP adds real-time application communication on top of

WAMP provides asynchronous Remote Procedure Calls and Publish &
Subscribe for applications in one protocol running over WebSocket.
WAMP is a routed protocol, so you need a WAMP Router to connect your
Autobahn|Python based clients. We provide Crossbar.io, but there are
other options as well.

WWW: https://github.com/crossbario/autobahn-python

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