pear-HTML-Template_IT-1.3.0 – integrated Templates for PHP


Simple template API.
The Isotemplate API is somewhat tricky for a beginner although it
is the best one you can build. template::parse() [phplib template
= Isotemplate] requests you to name a source and a target where the
current block gets parsed into.  Source and target can be block
names or even handler names. This API gives you a maximum of
flexibility but you always have to know what you do which is quite
unusual for php scripter like me.

HTML_Template_ITX :
With this class you get the full power of the phplib template class.
You may have one file with blocks in it but you have as well one
main file and multiple files one for each block. This is quite
useful when you have user-configurable websites. Using blocks not
in the main template allows you to modify some parts of your layout

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