p5-HTML-Prototype-1.48 – AJAX framework for perl


AJAX framework for perl, direct port of the prototype functions
and extensions used by various people, including `ruby on rails'

This module has been apparently designed for Catalyst, but it is
perfectly usable from other perl frameworks like HTML::Mason, or
even straight CGI.

See http://www.maztravel.com/ajax/ for a few examples.

It isolates the programmer from all the gory details of writing
Javascript code directly, but not from CSS and HTML.

With this, one can write web applications that support drag-and-drop,
or sortable lists, provided the web browser has decent javascript
support (which seems to include at least mozilla, firefox, opera, IE, and
konqueror these days).

This new version includes a more recent version of the aculous scripts,
including sortable trees.

WWW: http://prototype.conio.net/

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