p5-Blatte-HTML-0.9p0 – Blatte functions to generate (X)HTML


The Blatte-HTML module defines Blatte functions corresponding to HTML tags,
making it possible to write Blatte that looks like this:

  Here is a {\a \href=http://www.blatte.org/ link}

that can be translated to this:

  Here is a link

The beauty is that you can use Blatte functions to encapsulate repeated
constructs.  For instance, this definition:

  {\define {\mypagestyle \=name \&content}
    {\html {\head {\title \name}}
           {\body {\h1 \name} \content}}}

allows you to write

  {\mypagestyle \name={A page I wrote} This is my page.}

which saves you from having to write:

  A page I wrote

A page I wrote

This is my page.

WWW: http://www.blatte.org/

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