p5-Apache-MP3-3.05p4 – mod_perl class for generating browsable MP3 directory lists



This module takes a hierarchy of directories containing MP3 or Ogg
Vorbis files and presents it as a browsable song library for streaming
over the web. It requires the Apache web server, the mod_perl
embedded Perl interpreter, the MP3::Info and Ogg::Vorbis modules.

Files are displayed in a list that shows the title, artist, duration
and bitrate. Subdirectories are displayed with "CD" icons. The user
can download a file to disk by clicking on its title or stream it to
a decoder by clicking on the "play" link. Users can also stream the
entire contents of a directory or select a subset of songs to play.

A DEMO is available at http://www.modperl.com/Songs. In this demo,
stream time is limited to 30 seconds in order to avoid copyright

WWW: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Apache-MP3/

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