mongrel2-1.11.0 – language agnostic asynchronous web server


Mongrel2 is an application, language, and network architecture agnostic
web server that focuses on web applications using modern browser


* Language Agnostic with a simple backend protocol supporting Ruby,
  Ruby through Rack, Python, Python (Brubeck), C++, C, PHP, Haskell,
  Common Lisp, Perl, Perl (AnyEvent), .NET, Clojure, Java, and Lua all
  written by Mongrel2 fans.
* Modern Browser Friendly designed to handle HTTP, Flash XMLSockets, or
  WebSockets, Long Polling on the same socket transparently.
* ZeroMQ Enabled as well as HTTP proxy support so it works with what
  you have already while giving you new super powers.
* Network Architecture Agnostic so you can carve your operations up
  anyway that reduces costs.
* N:M Messaging Patterns means you can have any N handlers answer to
  any M browsers arbitrarily, but still easy to do plain
* Automation Loving Configs that are easily accessible via any
  programming language with an Model-View-Controller design.
* Modern Internal Design using the Mongrel 1 HTTP parser powering many
  big companies with a proven security track record, event based I/O,
  fast coroutines to handle that I/O, and smart reasonable defaults
  with zero configuration needed usually.
* Documented, Documented, Documented We document everything in a well
  written manual that shows you how to use every feature.
* BSD Licensed and all with a BSD 3-clause license.
* Tir: An official framework written in Lua that shows how to use

WWW: http://mongrel2.org/

Only for arches
amd64 i386
on i386: runs tests during build; these segfault

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