haserl-0.9.35p0 – tiny cgi web script handler using shell or Lua


Haserl is a small program that uses shell or Lua script to create
cgi web scripts. It is intended for environments where PHP or Ruby
are too big. A typical use is to run cgi scripts in an embedded
environment using a small web server.

- Parses like other scripting languages: Anything that is not
enclosed in <% ... %> tags is sent verbatim to the client.

- Automatic FORM parsing: Form elements sent from the client are
automatically parsed and placed into environment variables. The
script can then reference the variables without any extra work.

- multipart/form-data decoding: Mime data sent via the
enctype="multipart/form-data" method is transparently decoded.
This method is used when uploading files from the client.

WWW: http://haserl.sourceforge.net/

lang/lua www

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