xxdiff-4.0.1p1 – graphical file comparator and merge tool


xxdiff, a graphical file comparator and merge tool

xxdiff is a file comparator and merge tool. It is an open-source
replacement for Rudy Wortel's xdiff which comes with SGI machines
(which was itself inspired by SGI's gdiff).  xxdiff can be used to
graphically display differences between two (eventually three) files.
It can also be used to merge two files together, by allowing the user
to select regions and save the results of the selection.  It is also
an aid in code reviewing, as it allows a reviewer to look at the pieces
of changed code and save selected portions of the code to an editor to
make comments (horizontal diffs make reviewing much easier, especially
for a long list of files).

WWW: http://furius.ca/xxdiff/

Only for arches
aarch64 alpha alpha amd64 amd64 arm arm hppa hppa i386 i386 mips64 mips64 mips64el mips64el powerpc powerpc sh sparc64 sparc64
lang/python textproc x11

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