tdom-0.9.1 – fast XML/DOM/XPath/XSLT/HTML/JSON extension for Tcl


Combines high performance XML data processing with
easy and powerful Tcl scripting functionality.

Includes the tdomhtml extension which implements a simple HTML
layer on top of the core DOM Level-1 specification.


 * A Tcl interface to expat for event-like (SAX-like) XML parsing.

 * A complete, compliant and fast XPath implementation in C
   following the November 99 W3C recommendation for navigation
   and data extraction.

 * A fast XSLT implementation in C following the W3C
   Recommendation 16 November 1999.

 * DTD validation.

 * A JSON parser that parses any possible JSON input into a DOM
   tree without losing information.

 * An efficient and Tcl'ish way to create XML and HTML documents
   and JSON strings.

 * An even faster simple XML parser for trusted XML input.

WWW: http://www.tdom.org/

lang/tcl textproc

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