patchutils-0.3.4p0 – small tools to operate on patch files


Patchutils is a small collection of programs that operate on patch files.

Interdiff: generate incremental patch from two patches against common source
Combinediff: generate single patch from two incremental patches
Filterdiff: separate patches applying to files matching a wildcard
Fixcvsdiff: corrects output of 'cvs diff'
Rediff/Editdiff: corrects hand-edited patches
Lsdiff: identify files affected by a patch file
Splitdiff: separates patches from a patch file
Grepdiff: displays a list of the files modified by a patch where the
patch contains a given regular expression
Recountdiff: fixes up counts and offsets in a unified diff
Unwrapdiff: fixes word-wrapped unified diffs

WWW: http://cyberelk.net/tim/software/patchutils/

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