asterisk-openbsd-moh-6.1p0 – add OpenBSD songs to Asterisk music-on-hold


Development of OpenBSD is a continuous, 24/7 activity.  Every six
months, Theo de Raadt and the team put a lot of effort into the
OpenBSD release cycle.  Every release since 3.0 has been accompanied
by a release song, produced by Ty Semaka and a team of hired musicians.

This port fetches the collected OpenBSD Release Songs and repackages
them for use on Asterisk's Music-On-Hold feature, installing them
so they "just work" with the standard Asterisk configuration. This
provides some additional royalty-free music and is intended to
promote the OpenBSD project.

Copyright in these songs is held by Theo de Raadt. The songs are free
for non-commercial use; you may use them in a company's phone system
but may not resell them by themselves or as part of a collection.

WWW: https://www.openbsd.org/lyrics.html


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