wmcube-0.98p4 – wm-dockapp; shows rotating 3d-object and CPU load


wmCube is a dockapp that displays a real time rotating 3d-object
and the current cpu-load.  The cpu-load also makes the object spin
faster/slower.  You can zoom in and out by clicking on the app and
you can design your own objects or use the objects that come with
the package.

* Objects can have infinite coordinates and lines/planes, your
  computers memory is the limit.

* If you're running a distributed.net client or some other
  application that keep you cpu at full load all the time you can
  make wmCube ignore "nice" processes.

* You can zoom out virtually to infinity and zoom in almost
  to the center of the object.

* You don't have to display the cpu-usage at the bottom of the
  dockapp, let the rotation speed be an intuitive way to determine
  cpu-load.  You can invert object speed vs. cpu-load.

* You can change objects at runtime by clicking the center
  of the app.  It will randomly choose a new object from the directory
  you specified at the command line.

WWW: http://kling.mine.nu/wmcube.htm

sysutils x11 x11/windowmaker

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