sec-2.7.12 – simple event correlator


SEC is a free and platform independent event correlation tool that was
designed to fill the gap between commercial event correlation systems
and homegrown solutions that usually comprise of a few simple shell
scripts.  SEC accepts input from regular files, named pipes, and
standard input, making it suitable to employ with any application that
is able to write its output to a file stream.  The SEC configuration is
stored in text files as rules, each rule specifying an event matching
condition, an action list, and optionally a Boolean expression whose
truth value decides whether the rule can be applied at a given moment.
Regular expressions are used for defining event matching conditions, and
output events can be produced by executing user-specified shell scripts
or programs (e.g., snmptrap or mail), by writing messages to pipes or
files, and by various other means.

WWW: http://simple-evcorr.github.io/


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