logpp-0.16 – log file preprocessor


Logpp is a tool for preprocessing event logs and feeding relevant
information to other programs for storing or in-depth analysis.

During its work, logpp reads lines appended to input files (like tail(1)
in -f mode), matches the lines with patterns (e.g., regular
expressions), converts matching lines according to given templates, and
writes the results to given destinations.

Logpp supports multi-line matching and several types of output
destinations like regular files, FIFOs, external programs, and the
system logger.Therefore, logpp can act as a filter in front of the
more complex event log analysis system and increase the system's
performance by weeding out irrelevant log data; it can work as a syslog
gateway between the system logger and the application that doesn't use
syslog(3); it can convert multiline log messages to shorter single
line messages, and accomplish other log pre-processing tasks.

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