flashrom-1.0p0 – flash ROM programmer for BIOS etc


flashrom is a utility for identifying, reading, writing, verifying
and erasing flash chips. It is designed to flash BIOS, EFI, coreboot,
firmware and optionROM images on mainboards, network/graphics/storage
controller cards, and various programmer devices.

* Supports more than 225 flash chips, 128 chipsets, 186 mainboards, 19 PCI
devices, 3 USB devices and all external programmers using the serprog protocol.
* Supports parallel, LPC, FWH and SPI flash interfaces and various chip
packages (DIP32, PLCC32, DIP8, SO8/SOIC8, TSOP32, TSOP40, TSOP48, and more)
* No physical access needed, root and /dev/mem access is sufficient.
* No bootable floppy disk, bootable CD-ROM or other media needed.
* No keyboard or monitor needed. Simply reflash remotely via SSH.
* No instant reboot needed. Reflash your chip in a running system,
verify it, be happy. The new firmware will be present next time you boot.
* Crossflashing and hotflashing is possible as long as the flash chips are
electrically and logically compatible (same protocol). Great for recovery.
* Scriptability. Reflash a whole pool of identical machines at the
same time from the command line. It is recommended to check flashrom
output and error codes.
* Speed. flashrom is often much faster than most vendor flash tools.

WWW: https://www.flashrom.org/

Only for arches
amd64 i386

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