siphon-0.666p0 – passive network mapping tool


The Siphon Project is a portable passive network mapping suite.  In
the latest public version, Siphon passively maps TCP ports and
performs passive operating system detection.  Through the magic of
RFC ambiguity and programmer uniqueness, different machines exhibit
telltale characteristics that enable Siphon to make a fairly accurate
guess at what operating system is running on machines sending packets
out over the wire.  The beauty of this method is that our tool does
not need to send out a slew of non-RFC compliant packets that trip
intrusion detection systems. In fact, we send out no packets at
all.  Whereas nmap crashes some machines and network hardware when
performing its active OS detection tests, Siphon would never crash
remote machines.  Siphon is available for UNIX and Win32.

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