py-cryptkit-0.9p9 – Python Cryptographic Toolkit


CryptKit is a developer's toolkit implementing several of the most
modern and efficient cryptographic algorithms.  The kit is primarily
written in ANSI C for speed and subsequently wrapped with SWIG for
ease of use in Python.

CryptKit is small and fast, mainly because it implements excellent
algorithms: Rijndael (AES), SHA 256 bits, Elliptic Curve PKI,
Diffie-Hellman key exchange and Nyberg-Ruppel signature/verification.
These modules are combined to provide a faster, lighter and easier
to use secure socket alternative to SSL.  CryptKit is not compatible
with SSL.  Whereas SSL aims to support a wide variety of algorithms
that essentially perform the same task ( like DES/RC4/RC2 or MD5/SHA
), CryptKit takes the minimalist approach of implementing only one
version of each crypto primitive. Great care went into selecting the
best of what was available.

WWW: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cryptkit/

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