pgp-5.0ip2 – Pretty Good Privacy 5.0i (world wide use)


PGP International Freeware, Version 5.0 (Source Code Version)
Copyright (c) 1990-1997 Pretty Good Privacy, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

For Non-Commercial Distribution and Use Only

READ the file LICENSE in the source distribution for complete
Terms and Conditions

This special freeware version of the source code ("Source Code Package") of 
PGP 5.0 ("Software Product"), including the software, its source code, and 
its related user and development documentation, is owned by Pretty Good 
Privacy, Inc. (or "PGP") and is protected by copyright laws and international 
copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties.

The makers of PGP, however, are committed to making freely available to 
individuals around the world a trusted means to secure their personal 
information and communications from unwanted invasions of privacy. In keeping 
with the traditions of PGP, the source code of PGP 5.0 has been published for 
the purpose of facilitating peer review. Pretty Good Privacy, Inc. published 
the source code in a set of printed books; a printed book or other printed 
material setting forth encryption source code is not itself subject to the 
U.S. export regulations (see U.S. EAR Sec. 734.3(b)(2)). The scanning in and 
review of the source code by independent cryptographers, unrelated to PGP, 
assures that the cryptography employed in the PGP software may be trusted -- 
i.e., it is truly strong and that the software contains no hidden back doors 
allowing third party access to encrypted messages. In addition, it is 
important that the Software Product be available in as many languages, 
operate on as many operating system and hardware platforms, and be as solid 
and secure as possible. 

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