p5-Gateway-0.42p4 – perl module to gateway between news and mail


Essentially, robomoderators, moderation support programs, and mail
to news gateways are all the same thing.  They take an incoming
message, from either an MTA or from a user filtering program like
procmail, or perhaps even directly from a user's MUA, perform a
variety of rewrites required to turn an RFC 822 message into an RFC
1036 message, possibly perform a variety of checks and additional
rewrites suited to the particular application, and then hand the
message off to a news server.  News to mail gateways just do exactly
the same thing in reverse.

This is an attempt to generalize out the framework, so that people
don't have to keep writing the same code to read e-mail messages,
post messages, send e-mail messages, and do the common rewrites,
and instead can concentrate on the *interesting* parts, namely the
checks and rewrites they need for their specific application.
News::Gateway is *not* a robomoderator or gateway in and of itself.
Rather, it's a toolkit for *building* robomoderators and gateways
that attempts to take care of all of the nitpicking details for you
and drastically decrease the amount of code you have to write.

And if your problem happens to coincide with one of the supplied
example programs, you may not have to write any code at all.

WWW: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Gateway/

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