tcptrace-6.6.7p2 – TCP dump file analysis tool


tcptrace is a TCP dump file analysis tool written by Shawn Ostermann
at Ohio University. It is NOT a packet capture program. It reads
output dump files in the formats of several popular packet capturing
programs: tcpdump, snoop, etherpeek, and netm

For each connection, it keeps track of elapsed time, bytes/segments
sent and received, retransmissions, round trip times, window
advertisements, throughput, etc.  Its output format ranges from
Simple to Long to Very Detailed.

It can also produce three different types of graphs: Time Sequence 
Graph, Instantaneous Throughput, and Round Trip Times.  The graphs 
produced are viewable only by the xplot program (in math/xplot).

WWW: http://www.tcptrace.org/


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