pure-ftpd-1.0.47p1-ldap – small, easy to set up, fast and very secure FTP server


Pure-FTPd is a fast, production-quality, standard-conformant FTP server,
based upon Troll-FTPd.

Unlike other popular FTP servers, it's designed to be secure in default
configuration, has no known buffer overflow, it is really trivial to set
up and it is especially designed for modern kernels.

Features include chroot()ed and/or virtual chroot()ed home directories,
virtual domains, built-in 'ls', anti-warez system, bounded ports for
passive downloads, FXP protocol, bandwidth throttling, ratios,
LDAP / MySQL / PostgreSQL-based authentication, fortune files, Apache-like
log files, fast standalone mode, text / HTML / XML real-time status report,
virtual users, virtual quotas, privilege separation and more.

	     ldap - Build with LDAP support as an authentication source
	    mysql - Build with MySQL support as an authentication source
       postgresql - Build with PostgreSQL support as an authentication source
   virtual_chroot - Build Pure-FTPd with the ability to follow symlinks
                    outside of the chroot jail

WWW: http://www.pureftpd.org/


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