pmacct-1.7.1-mysql – passive IP network monitoring tools: traffic accounting, etc


pmacct is a set of passive network monitoring tools to measure, account,
classify, aggregate and export IPv4 and IPv6 traffic, suitable for ISP,
IXP, CDN, IP carrier, data-centre and hot-spot enviroments.

Being able to collect flow data through libpcap, NetFlow and sFlow and
optionally augment this by configuring peering with the included BGP
daemon, granularity is fine enough for essential network management
tasks such as billing, graphing network resource usage, analysing live
or historical traffic trends, steering BGP peerings, real-time alerting,
and certain SLA monitoring.

Aggregation, flexible filtering, sampling and renormalization capabilities
are provided to help cope with the large amounts of data produced by high-
speed networks. Using either memory or database tables (MySQL, PostgreSQL,
SQLite) as backend storage, pmacct can easily feed data into external
tools, including RRDtool, GNUPlot, Net-SNMP, MRTG and Cacti.

The default package provides SQLite support, available flavors are:

	mysql         compile with support for MySQL
	postgresql    compile with support for PostgreSQL

WWW: http://www.pmacct.net/


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