mon-1.2.0p11 – service monitoring daemon


mon is a tool for monitoring the availability of services, and sending alerts
on prescribed events. Services are defined as anything tested by a "monitor"
program, which can be something as simple as pinging a system, or as complex
as analyzing the results of an application-level transaction. Alerts are
actions such as sending emails, making submissions to ticketing systems, or
triggering resource fail-over in a high-availability cluster.

A design goal of mon is to maintain simplicity and provide the right
abstractions for monitoring so that the system can be scalable, easy to use,
and trivial to extend for the widest variety of applications. The learning
curve is very shallow for initial installation, configuration, and
customization. Monitors and alerts are simple to write using any language, and
simple to incorporate into a site configuration. Reporting and control
functionality is easily customized with the aid of a TCP-based protocol

WWW: http://mon.wiki.kernel.org


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